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The Firewire Rob Machado 2+1 3 piece surfboard tail pad has landed; it looks great, is super-light and feels incredibly grippy!

This 2+1 traction is a do-it-all pad; it can be used as a 2 piece or a 3 piece depending how wide the tail of your board is. The 2+1 was inspired by the wider tails on some of Rob's small wave weapons like the Moonbeam or even wider tailed boards like the Firewire Chumlee.

Rob along with Firewire have collaborated with BLOOM Foam to create a collection of traction pads for the modern surfer with an eye on environmental issues and sustainability.

BLOOM is a high performance flexible foam made from algae biomass which has been harvested from freshwater sources around the globe.

The process literally involves skimming "pond scum" from affected sources, solar drying, pulverizing it and then foaming and forming into tail pads!

This patented technology results in a lighter, more durable and cushioned tail pad and at the same time improves the water quality in waterways by reducing the suffocating algae and recirculating fresh water back into the environment.

The Rob Machado 2+1 is a flat pad with a diamond tread, 30mm kick and 3M adhesive backing. This pad is super-sensitive giving great "board feel" and is popular with surfers who don't usually favour traction over wax.