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Engineered flexibility and lightweight warmth, the Xcel Comp might be the entry level model in the Comp series, but don't let that fool you! The Xcel Comp delivers outstanding performance at a price your wallet with thank you for.  You'll find all the features you'd expect at this level; GBS seams, Glide Skin collar, reinforced FusionX seam taping as well as plenty of extra benefits such as Xcel's thermo generating Plush Thermo Lite Infrared yarn from the chest to knee to keep you warmer for longer, a watertight YKK Aquaseal zipper and Ultra Flex materials for top spec performance.  Performance always takes priority over fashion with Xcel, for that reason you'll never find unnecesary seams just to add a colour panel.  In fact, the Comp is designed with one-piece front and back panels to keep the seams to an absolute minimum! 

  • Plush Thermo Lite Infrared chest to knee - A lightweight, thermo-generating yarn to maximize warmth without adding weight. 
    100% Ultra Flex - High performance, high flexibility.
  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone - Eco-friendly, limestone-based neoprene with unrivaled memory and rebound that is lighter, warmer, and softer than the average neoprene.
  • Glide Skin collar - Durable smooth skin collar creating a water-tight seal to prevent flushing.
  • Dope Sye Yarn - Soft, eco-firendly and anti fade material.  Dope-dying infuses dye pigments into a molten plastic solution to produce colored yarns without the dyeing process. This saves tremendous amounts of water while reducing energy consumption and water pollution.
  • Watertight zipper - Japanese YKK Aquaseal waterproof zipper with a high pressure waterproof rating.
  • Engineered fit system - Fits like a second skin.
  • One Piece Front & Back Panel - Ultra flexible, super strong.
  • Triple Glued & Blind Stitched seams - A water-tight seam construction where foam edges are glued multiple times before being slammed together creating air/water-tight seal, then stitched a quarter way through the foam to give it the strength needed.
  • FusionX tape - The next generation precision tape technology, applied by a machined heat-pressure process which bonds tape directly to suit ensuring maximum seam durability while eliminating need for excess glue that causes irritation.
  • Water based glue - XCEL turned solvent-based laminating glue into water-based glue, eliminating harmful, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).