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One of the most important but underrated pieces of your surfing gear. Your safety and the safety of your cherished surfboard rests on this urethane cable.

- Double stainless steel joint, self-lubricating, which ensures friction-free movement.
- The extruded urethane loop allows the Velcro to be opened quickly, especially important in an emergency.
- Three-way removable edge protectors with reinforced plastic.
- Specially engineered 7mm high tenacity urethane leash to provide the ultimate combination of strength, stretch and elasticity.
- Super comfortable and soft neoprene
- Premium Velcro fastener on the cuff and edge protector to ensure a particularly strong closure.

The leashline has to be tear-resistant and flexible so that nothing separates the surfer from his surfboard. From the thin competition leash (only suitable for light boards and smaller waves), through regular leashs (all-round leashs for all board types and conditions) to big wave leashes (extra thick leashs for SUP boards or extreme conditions; these leashs are very stiff and therefore not recommended as an all-rounder for surfboards)

The length of the leashline depends on the length of the board. The rule of thumb here is: The leash should be a maximum of 6 inches longer or shorter than the length of the board:

6 foot leash = 5.6 - 6.6 foot board length
7 foot leash = 6.6 - 7.6 foot board length
8 foot leash = 7.6 - 8.6 foot board length
9 foot leash = 8.6 - 9.6 foot board length
10 foot leash = 9.6 - 10.6 foot board length