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  • Wetsuit Type: Womens hooded fullsuit
  • Thickness: 6mm through the bulk of the suit, with strategic 5mm panels
  • Neoprene: Upper body is Channel Flex, lower body is Ultra Flex. The latter is Xcel's regular high-end neoprene, but the former is new for winter 19/20 – it's mega stretchy, made in a similar way to O'Neill's TechnoButter but striking a better all-round balance between warmth and flex (TB arguably overdoes it in the direction of flex). Besides being super-lightweight, Channel Flex is also hydrophobic, so repels water and doesn't take on lots of extra weight when wet.
  • Lining: Xcel's new Radiant Rebound on the chest and back; Plush Thermo Lite lines the lower body and hood.
  • Radiant Rebound: Xcel's new brushed lining, softer and cosier than previous linings, with a metallic layer under the fabric that keeps heat in and cold out (hence the name)
  • Plush Thermo Lite: Similar to the brand's Thermo Dry Celliant, and likewise featuring heat-generating yarns, but somewhat lighter and less heavy-duty.
  • Entry: Chest zip. Magnetic closure is elegant and easy to use; a strip of silicone keeps water from getting in via the zipper, which is "semi-dry".
  • Integrated Hood: Like almost all suits of this thickness, the Infiniti 6/5/4 has a built-in hood, which is lined with Plush Thermo Lite.
  • Also Worth Noting: Smoothskin a.k.a. single-lined neoprene on the chest and back (that's the shiny stuff, providing extra protection against wind and water); Nexskin wrist and ankle seals (liquid neoprene strips); flex grooves behind the knee, which will stop bunching; and glideskin collar, designed to keep out water without rubbing your neck.
  • Eco Credentials: Water-based glues (no nasty VOCs); dope-dyed yarns (massive savings on water and energy); scrap rubber tyres pyrolyzed into carbon black (one of the key ingredients in neoprene); limestone-derived neoprene (marginally better than petrochemcial alternatives); plastic bottles recycled into polyester yarns (used the stretch jersey fabric that lines the neoprene).
  • Rough Temperature Guide: 5-11 °C